Other names:

Ket, Special K, Vitamin K, Super K, Wonk, Donkey Dust

Ketamine is an anaesthetic and is regularly used in human and veterinary medicine.

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Ketamine may be bought as a clear liquid or as white powder/crystals. It is also available in tablet form.

The amount taken will strongly determine the extent and type of effect the drug will have. Common effects associated with ketamine include happiness, disorientation, confusion, reduced muscle control and paralysis. Vivid hallucinations and a sense of separation from the body are also commonly reported. Larger doses may induce an experience that is known as ‘K-holing’. This experience is often described as a feeling of detachment from reality as though travelling along a tunnel.

Ketamine in powder form can be snorted in lines or wrapped in paper and swallowed, (known as ‘bombing’). It can also be swallowed as a tablet and is occasionally injected.

  • Ketamine can cause confusion, agitation and powerful hallucinogenic effects which some users find very unpleasant.
  • Its effects may result in more risky behaviour, which may lead to physical injury. As ketamine is able to block pain very effectively, those under the influence of this drug may not be aware of the seriousness of any injuries sustained.
  • Regular use has been linked to severe bladder problems. Frequent trips to the toilet and pain whilst urinating have often been reported. Severe cases have resulted in the surgical removal of the bladder.
  • Stomach pains, known as ‘K-cramps’, have been associated with long term use.
  • Regular use has been linked to mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.
  • You increase the risk to yourself if you combine ketamine with alcohol or other substances.
  • If you choose to use ketamine, then use it in a safe environment and in the company of someone you trust. Ideally, this person will not have used the substance themselves and will be in a position to get help if things go wrong.
  • Take small amounts first to test strength and effects, start low and go slow.
  • Ketamine can be habit forming and tolerance can build up quickly. Don’t use too frequently and take regular breaks.
  • If you experience pain in your bladder, then seek medical help and inform them you use ketamine.